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Vibration Analyzer & Balancer Capabilities

Packing in ONEPROD’s 30 years of experience in the condition monitoring of rotating equipment, FALCON is an innovative tool for vibration measurement and analysis that puts condition-based maintenance within the grasp of all users.

Innovative Wireless measurement

  • improved user comfort
  • improved safety
  • new applications (enclosed machines, mobile machines, measurement behind protective casing)
  • patent pending

Built in camera

  • improved user guidance with the sensor position picture, machine picture, and location picture displayed in the field.
  • automatically illustrate reports with inspection pictures (oil leak, cracks, missing bolts…)

Built in pyrometer

  • take the bearing temperature in few sec.
  • valuable information for the diagnostic
  • easy integration into a route



            Built in strobe light

  • easy measurement of the rotation speed
  • no need for external accessory or reflective tape
  • adjust the rotation speed from the spectra with the strobe
  • add maintenance inspections (dirt on fans…)
  • certified for use in Ex Zone II area


FALCON packs in innovative features never previously seen in a single device:

  • three-axis wireless sensor, taking simultaneous vibration measurements in all directions
  • built-in strobe light for rotation speed measurement
  • built in laser pyrometer for bearing temperature measurement
  • built in camera for easy machine identification, sensor positioning, and report illustration
  • embedded Accurex™ automatic diagnostic
  • 4 analog channels for synchronous measurement, in addition to the trigger input
  • Smart Balancer 1 or 2 plan simultaneous, for fast result to finish balancing
  • Balancer with Smart Easy Setup

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